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Welcome to the Ignacio Middle School
Principal:  Christopher deKay
Office Manager:  Susie Ruybal

Phone: (970)563-0600
Fax:      (970)563-0234

P.O. Box 460
222 CR 320
Ignacio CO 81137
Parents\Guardians and Students,
I want to keep you as well informed as I possibly can during the school closure. I want to thank you all for working with your students to complete their school work! There has been some real success in the past three days. Here are some details that I would like to emphasize as we move forward:
All schools in Colorado have been closed through April 17th. There is a chance that closure might extend through the rest of the year. That will be determined later.
Please contact teachers and/or me when you need any assistance during regular scheduled school days. I have attached a contact list so that you can easily access staff emails.
Spring Break will be honored March 23rd through March 27th. Staff will not be available during that week, it is optional for students to work on assignments at the time at your discretion.
There will be no breakfast or lunch distributed to students over the break but that will resume on March 30th.
Students on eschool may access subject area teachers during the time assigned in the Middle School Newsletter in google hangouts. Please make sure your children are doing so if they are struggling with an assignment.
For those students who are doing packet work, they can access teachers through gmail. Please encourage them to email their teacher.
All assignments will be graded and uploaded to infinite campus. All google classroom and packet assignments will be assigned to the 4th quarter. 3rd quarter grades ended on Tuesday before school closure. Please email teachers if you are concerned about make up work and they will work with you.
Please check infinite campus to track your child's grades. Third quarter grades will be uploaded before spring break. We will work to have assignments graded and uploaded by April 6 and April 20th.
The Middle School commons area will be the drop off point for all packet work or hard copies that need to be turned in. Drop off dates will be April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd from 10 am through 12 noon.
New packets will be distributed on April 6th for the next two week period for those without internet access at Ignacio Middle school.
New eschool assignments will be uploaded to google classroom no later than April 6th for those with internet access.
I want you all to know that staff cares very much for your children and their education. In this time of adversity, we will work hard to provide the materials and support needed for success. We know that this has added a great deal of stress to your lives' and we appreciate that you are providing the structure for your children to stay on task and succeed. It is only in working together, as family and school, that we can ensure that our children will succeed. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any issues at 970-563-4315.


Chris deKay
Multi-Cultural Character Counts
Middle School Bulletin